Elite Casting Division



Automated Processes

EMI Castings has state-of-the-art equipment that allow us to offer our customers the highest quality castings available. We've automated our processes from start to finish, virtually eliminating the chance for human error and assure more consistency, greater precision, less scrap and higher productivity. This means lower production costs and lower per-part costs for our customers.


Expert Pattern Making

About 60% of our castings involve cores, with some requiring up to seven cores or more. Few casting companies can compete with Elite's knowledge of core capabilities. Our Core Department processes include shell, oil sand, warm box and cold box. No matter how complicated, we can meet the most demanding Core specifications.



Efficient Finishing

In our Finishing Department, our unique automated transfer of castings enables our operators to concentrate on specific processes, resulting in increased efficiency, productivity and safety. Finishing includes a variety of processes including heat treatments, coatings, machining and surface treatments such as vibratory finishes and shot blasting.